Thursday, April 15, 2010

Scenes From Sunday

I've been so busy posting about other things, that I hadn't got to posting pics from my weekend yet. Last Sunday we took Indy with us downtown for lunch and shopping at Granville Island and then afterwards we went to Vanier Park, to the dog beach there so he could swim in the ocean.

As you can see, he *loves* it. He can spend hours fetching either a ball or his water kong. I love watching him swim in the big waves. He's so confident in the water and it clearly makes him so happy.

Running with a pack of new friends. Free dog!

As a rule, he's not much of a digger, but he does enjoy digging in the sand when he's at the beach.

I love this shot of Indy's paw print.

About a week ago, we had quite a storm, with winds reaching 90kmh. It was enough to beach and destroy several boats and I guess this was another victim of that storm.

The high rises on the edge of Stanley Park. Lots of sneaux up on those mountains-the skiers are happy!

Playing with the macro setting.

The pond at Vanier Park.

The planetarium and some very odd art (?) installation.

My husband actually thought this was meant to warn people off the grass. Yeah I can see how he'd think that-it's debatable whether this really is art or not. It's all subjective.

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Pom Pom said...

Oh, I love Vancouver. I have such happy memories of Stanley Park. We just returned from Sydney a few weeks ago, and it reminded me of your lovely city.