Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Here are some things that I am diggin' right now:

This is a great book by Diana Trout. It's jam packed with tons of techniques from cover to cover. I got my library to purchase it, I borrowed it and have renewed it 3 times. ( It takes awhile to soak it all in.)Guess I'd better go buy my own copy! It's a keeper!

Alcohol Inks! I bought these to take the place of the spray paint I've been using. If I'd known how much fun they are, I would have bought some a long time ago. I got mini spritz bottles so I can use them just like spray paint for Mary Ann Moss' Stencilry class.

The helpful ladies at the shop where I bought them must have known I like to be organized because they made a point of showing me this organizer/holder. Of course I had to have it! It's really helpful to have all my inks close at hand, on my desk.

This art by Colin Johnson. Totally by chance Penn and I discovered our mutual love for this artist's work. It was quite funny, actually. She'd spotted a pencil case made with his art in a store we were in a few weeks ago. She bought it and when we got back to her house, I told her it reminded me of some work I liked on a Gelaskins. When I looked up the artwork, (which is the skin I've been looking for for my laptop) it turned out to be the same artist! *Laughs* Clearly there's a reason why we're friends!

Also, I just finished this book by Sig Hansen. If you're a fan of Deadliest Catch, you must put this on your reading list. I couldn't put it down. I learned so much about the origins of the crab fishing industry, the immigrant history of Seattle and the surrounding area and about Alaska itself. For example, did you know that the port of Dutch Harbour sees two hundred days of rain and snow annually? I can't even imagine! And we think we've got it bad when we hit a rainy patch here in BC!

That's all I have to share for now. There are some good things in the works, but nothing I can share just yet. Soon!

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Tina said...

Hey, I think I just picked up a pencil case by the same artist. I've been thinking of cutting it up to use in my stitching.