Friday, June 04, 2010

Textiles & Miracles

I've been haunting the local bookstore for the last week looking for the latest edition of Sew Somerset. Why? Well aside from it being one of my favourite magazines at the moment, my sweet friend Pilar emailed me to tell me that she had an article coming out in it, in which I was mentioned. WOW! That was a lovely surprise! (*Love* the colours on the cover, by the way. This issue is fairly brimming with great content!)

Awhile back Pilar sent me a parcel. I can't tell you how deeply touched I was when I opened the package and found a milagro created just for me. Pilar works magic with needle and thread and her textile work is always so enchanting. I guess Stampington thought so too because they asked her to write an article about her latest inspiration.

The milagro she sent me looks much like the ones pictured in the article but each one is unique and mine says "Healing" and has silk flowers on it. It's been carefully tea dyed and infused with love and her good wishes and prayers for my health to improve. It hangs on my inspiration board right above my desk, so I see it each and every day. I smile every time I look at it.

If you're interested in having one of Pilar's gorgeous milagros for yourself, you can find them here in her Etsy store and there are also some here in her Art Fire store. She even has some with hand etched brass icons in the center. They are amazing.

THANK YOU Pilar for the blessing of your friendship and congratulations on your article. You are a gem! xox

*FYI: Pilar is currently offering free shipping within the US and to Canada! Hurry to take advantage of this savings!

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