Monday, July 26, 2010

40 Things Before I'm 40 Update

1. Make some new art friends (workin' on it!)
2. Get a tattoo
3.Go to the Olympics
4.Meet some athletes
5.See Barenaked Ladies perform
6. Write & publish another zine (in progress)
7. Keep my ROD journal till it's filled up
8. Brush up on my Spanish
9. Work on a large canvass
10. Learn a new art skill
11. Go swimming in the ocean
12.Go on a picnic with my sweetie
13.See the Olympic Flame
14.Watch the Olympic Torch Relay
15.Cut my hair short again
16. Host an art project over the summer (in progress)
17. Take a day trip somewhere local but fun
18.Carry the Paralympic Torch
19.Ride the Zip line
20. Purchase and teach myself to play a harmonica
21.Make a journal out of my Olympic ephemera and journal in it
22.Submit something for publication
23. Host a swap or two
24. Try a new recipe
25. Create a calendar from my own art for 2011.
26.Print photos that I have taken from the Games so I can use them in my journal.
27. Do one project that's outside my comfort zone this year (in progress!)
28. Host an art party
29. Spend a weekend playing with paint
30.Take an online class
31.Make and send away some RAKs
32.Discover some new magazines/zines and buy/read them regularly
33. Take my laptop and/or journal to a funky coffee shop and write
34. Sew myself some cool pillows (I bought the fabric.)
35.Clean out the closet in my studio and reorganize it.
36. Plan a trip for our 20th wedding anniversary (In progress)

....and 4 more things, yet to be determined. (I like to leave room for the unexpected!)

So far I've managed to complete more than half of the current list. Checking things off, I surprised myself. I hadn't realized that I managed to get so much accomplished in the first 4 months since my birthday! Go me!

And how about you? What are you doing in the year between birthdays? Do tell!


Pilar said...

This is such a great idea to list 40 things before you hit the big 40. Since I am turning that number in a few weeks, I don't think there is time to put together such a list for myself, but I think I can do a 40 things during my 40th year.

michelle allen said...

you are doing SO great on your list!!! so proud of you :)
i'm totally bombing this year on mine.