Thursday, July 29, 2010

Controlled Chaos

Behold the chaos that is my desk. Yes, I believe I have, at last count, no less than four projects on the go at the moment! Usually my workspace does not look like this!

Currently, one of the projects I'm working on is a piece for a gallery show in California. I am about 90% finished. I've been chipping away at it in small increments, as inspiration comes. Sometimes you have to let the work age, as it were.

I am also sifting through content ideas for issue #2 of Manual Dexterity. I have about 3 weeks to pull it all together. Ideas are percolating! I also decided to do a reprint of issue #1, as so many people enquired about purchasing a copy. I'm doing a very limited run, which, when they are ready, I will post for sale right here on my blog. My plan is to also have a limited copies of issue #2 for sale as well, when all's said and done.

Putting a zine together sounds simple, but there's the writing, the art, the lay out, copying, assembly, binding and packaging, which is all done by hand, by me. It's time consuming but a true labour of love for me, simply because my hands do not work like they used to. I still have the ability to make art, it's just that sometimes it takes me a bit longer to get the job done to my satisfaction. (Aries are perfectionists by nature.)
In between times, I've been devouring books while snacking on Safeway's "Nuttin' Better" ice cream by Lucerne. It's vanilla ice cream with thick swirls of peanut butter and yummy chunks of dark chocolate. The perfect combination of mildly sweet and salty. MMMM! It's my summertime crack-I can't get enough of it. Don't try this at home! *laughs* It's highly addictive!

I am grateful for the cooler days we've had in the last while. I can handle summer if it's sunny, but not sweltering. Anything above 24C and I am toast. High temps also seriously cut into my art time, as my studio is the hottest part of the whole house, with full sun the entire day which turns it into a sauna. UGH! As long as milder temps prevail, I am a happy camper, though I am already on a count down to October and autumn, my most favourite time of year. Just thinking about it makes me giddy with anticipation!

By the by, while I am typing away here, I want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all my sweet readers who have posted in the last while and said such kind and complementary things about my blog and my art. It is encouraging to know I am not posting into the yawning maw of the internets. I do appreciate it and I just wanted you to know.

Okay, Indy's here putting his paw up on my knee-that's his way of asking to go out. Yes, I think we both need a bit of fresh air!


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

wow...that's my work space on a GOOD day! lol!!

Carol Browne said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog the other day. I am going to take your suggestion and use it.

I am very intrigued by your zine...when WILL the limited run be ready? I'm standing by for the release date!