Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Update

See? It's coming!! Autumn is on its way!! One only has to look for the signs. *wink*

This gorgeous blue dragonfly was hovering right in front on me on our hike to Beaver Lake in Stanley Park. I've been going to Stanley Park since I was 4 and I've never been on this trail. (Neither had my husband whose lived here all his life.) I was pleased that I could capture this shot.

Here he is resting on a bush. It's amazing how large dragonflies get. This one's wing span was wider than my palm.

There was a single Blue Heron hanging out at the lake, along with a flock of ducks.

The entire lake was covered with lily pads. It was so beautiful. I've never seen so many in one place. I was hoping to spot frogs and turtles, both of which make their home here, but no such luck.

Mother nature is slowly transforming this lake, back into forest. On one side of the lake you can see seedlings and grasses have taken root and the lake is drying up. I guess eventually there won't be lily pads anymore. I am just glad I got to see it how it looks now. It's a little gem, tucked away in the heart of the park.

We stopped at the Point that overlooks North Vancouver to get some ice cream. They had some fabulous flavours. I got Pistachio almond, which was *so* good. Indy was trying to work his doggie mojo. (It's all in the eyes with him.) This expression is "Please mum, I want some of your ice cream." It worked-it always works. I have a very soft heart where Indy is concerned-so much so that I order my ice cream or gelato based on what he can share. Yes, he's got me wrapped around his big furry paw.

True north, in the true north!

And a quick visit with the belugas. The little grey one is a baby. I always visit my fellow Manitobans when we're in the park. The belugas come from Churchill, Manitoba, which is way up north in the Province where I was born and raised.

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Rose Garden Romantic said...

Beautiful photos! I've seen so many dragonflies around our home lately. It's so funny, my boys ran in the house the other day scared to death thinking they were huge wasps! Now that would be scary!