Monday, August 23, 2010

What's In My Bag?

I'm taking a brief break from working on my zine and thought I would post a round of "What's in my bag?", which is a game I like to play. I know I'm not the only one because there's a Flickr group dedicated to these kind of photos. So today, just for fun, I'll show you what's in my bag at this moment in time.

First of all, my bag at the moment is a Reebok mono strap backpack. I like having my hands free, so I can sling this on and away I go. It's chocolate brown and egg shell blue and has three zippered compartments and a mesh side pocket.

What's inside:

1. A pretty fabric pouch Debra Cooper made for me for our first 12 Days of Xmas exchange. It's very well loved and is one of my most favourite handmade things.

2. Inside that pouch, I carry my Skull Candy headphones (best ever headphones, IMHO!) and my iPod touch, which has my whole life on it.

3. Also in the pouch I have my birth certificate and some other ID which is too big to fit anywhere else. Apparently, I also have $1 US. Why, I don't know. I had no idea that was even in there till just now. Weird!

4. My red Moleskine journal, which is where I keep track of all my doctor's appointments, medications, tests, etc. If I didn't have this, I would be totally lost. My medical stuff is complicated and it's saved me so many times having everything in one place. I buy a new journal every year and keep the old ones to refer back to. The sticker on the from was a gift from my friend Tara. (It's a reference to a goofy nickname.)

5. Red leather card holder with all my ID, store cards, photos, etc. Small and compact and very organized!

6. "Love Art" a gift from my best friend Lisa & her husband from their trip to London last summer, from the National Gallery Museum. It's a shopping bag, believe it or not. I use it all the time and it's starting to show wear. It's one of the most useful gifts I've ever been given.

7. Oto pouch (which is sinfully ugly!) with my custom molded ear plugs for keeping the wind out of my ears so I don't get an ear ache. I keep these handy for when we're by the ocean or hiking in cold weather. I seriously need to find a prettier pouch for them.

8. My cherry chocolate touch phone. It's a few years old, but was one of the first touch screen phones to come out. I love my phone and will miss it when I eventually have to replace it.

9. My red leather daisy zipper pouch which is where I stash my cash, bank card, driver's licence & library card. The daisy reminds me of my Gramps.

10. My cowgirl makeup bag, which was a gift from my pal Deb. This is from her line of bags and shoes through Icon. It holds my kleenex, Emla cream (topical freezing cream for when I have to have needles), pill tin, lipstick, Swiss Army knife, headache balm and almond oil cuticle stick.

11. Dog tin, (It's Vera mouse hugging a Jack Russel terrier-so very cute!) which holds my Moo cards.

12. Favourite pen and my ROD journal.

13. Sunglasses clips in case.

14. Powdered ice tea mixes.

15. My keys on a Lab key chain my husband bought for me (which is starting to fall apart, so I'll soon switch to one a friend made for me) & my mini Starbuck's card.

There are a few things missing that I usually have in my bag-a bottle of water, a snack, a pack of gum and my camera. Curiously, my mirror is nowhere to be found at the moment. It's an art mirror by Tiffinay Elektra X with a crow on it and has a raspberry velvet pouch. I will have to find it. It's probably didn't get switched over from another bag at some point.

So...that's a peek into what I'm hauling around. How about you? Take a pic and post it to your blog (or Flickr if you don't have a blog) and send me a link! I'd love to see what's in your bag!

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Pilar said...

I, too, have one of Deb's uberfab pouches and I love it! My purse doesn't have such cool stuff. More, often than not, I have tons of receipts and loose change. Will email you soon!