Thursday, August 19, 2010

Good Things

My friend Liz Lamoreaux's book is now available for pre-order!! Not only was Liz busy writing this book, but she was also pregnant with her first child at the same time! Welcome Ellie & Congratulations Liz & Jon!!

I've ordered my copy through her blog, as it comes personally signed and with additional goodies. (Which is *so* much nicer than Amazon, but you can also get it there too.) The book is due out in October and as I said to Liz, by then I will have forgotten all about ordering it and it will be a lovely surprise in my mailbox. Can't wait!

You can read all about it and pre-order a copy here.

I picked up the latest issue of Stampington's Greencraft last night. It's become one of my favourite magazines in their line. I don't know if it's because I live in BC, home of tree huggin' Granolas or what, but I find it really creative and appealing. The photos are really beautiful and it's chock full of great ideas about repurposing everyday cast-offs. They are doing a really good job with this one.

Other good things include Carla Trujillo whose website I stumbled across the other day. It is assemblage heaven! You *must* go see for yourself!
And Cartwheels in My Mind which is bound to keep me busy for awhile, nosing through the archives. Lots of good stuff there!

And one last good thing to mention is that I've made great headway on Manual Dexterity, Issue #2! It's 75% finished, so it won't be long now!


liz elayne lamoreux said...

thanks so much for sharing about the book! made my day...

and now i am off to explore your link. :)


Bettyann said...

the green craft looks interesting...where did you find this magazine?