Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The State of Me

This is me. Again. Apparently, not a broken bone this time, as was first suspected, but an equally painful and annoying injury called Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex which boils down to my wrist hurting so much I've been unable to sleep through the night for the last month. (And that's just the tip of the iceberg.)

So I am trapped in this splint brace for the next 4 weeks, 24 hours a day (save for showers) and then probably a shorter one for a few weeks after that. *sigh* Not very happy about it. On a positive note though, my hand specialist is super nice. She's worked on me before when I broke my wrist last year and luckily she was easily able to refit my brace so I didn't have to shell out $100 for a new one. Let's hear it for recycling! I am nothing if not enviro friendly.

And just to add and extra bit of irritation, when I went out to the car early this morning to head to the clinic to deal with this, I discovered that some weasel had broken in. ARGH!! I've about had it with people stealing stuff! If I catch whomever it is, I am going to plant my boot square in their thieving behind. Seriously!

Anyway any and all sympathy will gladly be accepted.
I'll stop whining now and thank the stars I am ambidexterous.


Rita A. said...

Weasel is right, or maybe something stronger. I don't know where you live but it is getting worse and worse: Everywhere.
Arm pain. I feel for you. Have you ever tried essential oils? They are amazing for inflamation and pain.

okanagan_spirit said...

Oh that sounds painful Lelania. ambidextrus is good, but not as easy to do stuff when only one hand works properly. Lucky "break" that the old splint worked. Take care and get well.

Bettyann said...

oh you poor thing..sorry about the stupid weasal breaking into your car..let's set a rat trap lol

Amy Huff said...

I'm so sorry, that just all around sucks. Sending lots of good thoughts for a speedy recovery.

Deb said...

Lordy, Tuna.

Hope you don't end up with a permanent splint. Why don't you design your own? This calls for a collage challenge, I think :)

I heart you!