Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Holiday Head's Up!

Okay, you've waited all year! The 12 Days of Xmas Exchange is set to kick off very soon with the annual Parade of Presents!! For more information and to follow along, follow this link. I do hope you'll join us!

It's an extremely busy time in the studio right now as I just finished putting the finishing touches on a slide presentation that will go along with the speech I will be giving at the Celebration of Ability on December 3rd. I am excited to be sharing (and reliving!) my Games time experiences.

I am also plugging away on writing and art for a new book I was invited to contribute to. Deadlines are coming up soon, so my fingers are flying! I've been enjoying the challenge and feeling like I'm getting alot accomplished.
We're going through a rather unusual cold snap here, so what better time to be holed up in the studio with Indy curled up beside me for company?

And just in case I forget to say so on Thursday, HAPPY AMERICAN THANKSGIVING to my dear friends south of the border. xox

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Anonymous said...

OH...I always love to see what you guys make during these swaps. Always so inspiring!