Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day 2010

Ah the day after Xmas, Boxing Day in Canada, which has somehow become our country's version of "black Friday". I avoid the malls like the plague during the holidays, but I did go out to my favourite scrapbooking store on the hunt for art supplies and had a shopping good time.

Everything was anywhere from 30-75% off, so it made the drive worthwhile. That plate of Hallowe'en rubber rang in at a whopping $2.74! (Original price $10.99) Hallowe'en is my fav holiday, so it will be put to good use. Believe it or not, I have a Hallowe'en themed project in progress.

The alphabet you see on the far right is a pad of umpteen oodle stickers, (777, to be exact!) which were all of $3. 37. The round tin has a spool of clear plastic film strip ribbon, which seemed interesting. I also got some back ribbon to use on a future ROD journal and some rub-ons and journaling tags.

Then of course, is my paper addiction, which I had to feed. I bought 10 sheets to add to my stash. When everything was rung up, I'd only spent just shy of $20, so I decided I could afford to splurge on one more thing...

...this Tonic cutter. I have the smaller version, but this one is slightly larger, which is what I'd been wanting for some time now. I didn't know till I saw it that they'd finally made a larger one. It's long enough now to fit an 8 1/2 inch paper. The smaller one is only 6 1/4 long, which is such an odd and inconvenient size. It's okay if you're splicing small scraps, but useless if you're working on a decent size sheet.

Next to Fiskers, Tonic is my go-to line for cutting tools. Fiskers will always be my #1, since their quality is unsurpassed and they stand behind their products 100%. I've had only good experiences dealing with the company over the years. Tonic is too new for me to know how they are as a company, but their tools work to my satisfaction and seem to stand up well. There are a few things I would change about the design of their cutters, but all in all, they do what I need them to do.

I took a short (and much needed) break from the studio, but it's business as usual tomorrow. I'll be back to working on book art, as the deadline is the end of the week.

One last thing that I wanted to mention that Papier Valise is having a sale, which, if you were on their mailing list, you would know about. I just ordered some treats for myself to ring in the new year. If you'd like to be "in the know", you can join her low volume email list here. I can tell you that Janice is super nice and packages each and every order so nicely that it's like getting a gift when your order arrives. I can't say enough good things about her and her lovely store. Check it out for yourself-you won't be sorry. (Well maybe you might be, just a little when you see all the enticing goodies she has, but you can thank me later.)

So...that was my Boxing Day shopping trip. Now we're going to settle in with some finger foods and watch a movie and unwind. Good times!


Seth said...

Great finds!

Carol Browne said...

You are super brave to head out on Boxing Day for the sales. I hunkered down and read my book! I will head out this week, though. So I just may get some lucky finds.

Also, I love that you're related to a real live blacksmith! Amazing!

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Can you help me out? What is the name of the stamp set with the eye chart on it? it is the middle item in your pic. Thanks!!!!