Thursday, December 23, 2010

Songs for the Holidays

Well hello friends! Can you believe tomorrow is Xmas Eve?!? Me either! It's just crept up it seems. I wanted to offer a couple of songs up for your enjoyment-musical goodness is worth sharing. This first embedded video is Winter Song, which is one of the best artsy videos I've ever seen. I really love the lyrics too. I found it a couple years ago and it's become a staple on my holiday playlist.

This second video, while not an Xmas song is on Yo Yo Ma's holiday album, Songs of Peace and Joy. I adore James Taylor and pairing him with the likes of Yo Yo Ma was genius. You can't help but feel the warmth and respect for one another as they record. When Yo Yo smiles, you can't help but smile yourself. The whole album is pretty great as is James Taylor's A Christmas Album.

I think the music we listen to during the holidays is as important as all the food we serve and traditions we keep. The music links us to our memories in the most magical of ways, for all time. Years from now, you will hear a song and think of someone or something intimately tied to that piece of music.

Here's to the memories we'll make and those we already keep. Happy Holidays!

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Susan said...

These are so nice, Lelainia - thanks for sharing them! Happy Holidays to you too.