Sunday, January 16, 2011

The 365+1 Countdown Begins!

Okay, so you will have to forgive me, as my blog will be shifting focus for the next while to the one year anniversary (365+1) of the 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Games. As you can imagine, having been so intimately involved in the Games, I am extremely excited about the upcoming celebrations.

Last night I had dinner with 17 members of my Athlete's Marshall Team. (AKA Team Brazil) We basically took over an entire section of the restaurant
and as each and every member arrived, everyone jumped up to hug them. It was so lovely being with members of our Olympic family. We sat around the table and talked for FOUR HOURS, reliving the almost surreal moments of our journey together. It was so good to say "Remember when...?" and 16 other people knew exactly what you were talking about.

Next month, on the official one year anniversary of the Games, there are events being planned. The cauldron will be lit at Jack Poole plaza and Blue Jackets from far and wide have been invited to attend. There will be a breakfast just prior to that and we'll get to hear John Furlong tell our story. I will be getting an autographed copy of his book Patriot Hearts: Inside the Olympics That Changed a Country.

I wanted to share with you this video clip that explains how the incredible graphic art that became the look of the Games came to be. It's really interesting and inspiring and I hope you take a moment to watch. The man who was behind that inspiration, Leo Obstbaum, passed away suddenly in August 2009, at the age of 39. His hand touched every visual aspect of the Games from the mascots, to the medals, to the blue and green graphics that were plastered on every surface imaginable for the Games. His incredible work is his legacy.

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