Friday, February 25, 2011

And Then There Were Three...

Awhile back I began making zines. These were 1/4 fold, 20 page, half colour, half B&W hand bound editions. I love making them, but they are VERY labour intensive. Then I got the wild hair to make a mini house zine. "78 Rue du Maison" is teeny and made up entirely of images. I figured out a way to make it not only easy to produce, but also to assemble. I was pretty pleased with myself. Occasionally, I have flashes of brilliance. *grins*

 About a week and a half ago and I did a private swap of my first mini zine, entitled "Typography: Art By The Letters". So far I've received two mini zines in return and they've been great fun. I am beginning to grow a mini zine library!

 Another one I just made is called "Collage & Composition" and is essentually a mini tutorial on the fundamentals of putting together a collage that works. I've had lots of people over the years ask me how I do what I do. Now you can learn some of the secrets! 

 There are 8 pages of information, plus two ATC sized cards in the inner pocket with visual examples of common composition mistakes and how to fix them.

It's very addictive making these wee zines! I have plenty of ideas for future issues. I've put copies of this zine, along with the other two minis in my Etsy, should you wish to have one or two or three (!) for your very own.

 Get 'em while you can!


CT said...

Love are amazingly creative my's inspiring.

And I love Penn's saying about the lobster...maybe I shouldn't give up on SwapBot so I feel just the way you do about the swaps. Exhcanging junk for thank you. But cool, interesting, creative things? Made by cool, interesting creative women? YES!

Carol Browne said...

I never stuck around swapbot for too long, for that very reason. How many red and blue beads does one person need? I liked the craftster swaps - those were great. I have done one in ages.

keishua said...

that's such a cool idea. I have been wanting to write a 'zine. I love the idea of a mini.