Thursday, February 24, 2011

Art On the Sly

 I've actually been doing a fair bit of art in the last few months, but haven't been able to share a good chunk of it, for various reasons, so it probably seems like nothing's getting done. I assure you that's not true!

Yesterday I completed this pixel heart for a project my friend Melissa is doing. She wanted to create a paper quilt of hearts to go above her bed in her new home. I made one "block" for the "quilt" using squares punched from various art magazines. I thought that would be meaningful for her because she writes for one. I mounted the heart on a piece of anaglypta I had and I'm pleased with the results. It's packaged up and ready to go int he mail when I go to the Post office on Friday.

I also did a small exchange with friends Michelle and Penelope for Valentine's Day. I can't show you (yet) what's inside because Michelle hasn't opened hers yet. I'll post pics of the gifts once they've all been exchanged. I don't want to ruin the surprise.

In other news, my new friend Carol has opened an Etsy shop. She's begun stocking it with some of her cool photographs. I love the one of the bunny noses. So adorable! You can find her shop here. Please show her some love and "favorite" her! (Thanks!)

Okay, must run-I am working on some mini zines and time's a wastin'!


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Oh my gosh...just looking at that packaging again! I'm going to open it...RIGHT NOW!! (I'm weak...what can I say?)

Kris said...

Great looking pixel art that is!!

Carol Browne said...

I love that pixel-y heart. It's very sweet.

Thanks so much for mentioning my tiny little etsy site. I need to keep on uploading photos. Just keep swimming, right? :-)