Sunday, February 13, 2011

Olympic 1 yr. Anniversary Giveaway!

Hello, hello! Greetings from the land of Olympic Anniversary celebrations! Wow did I have a wonderful time yesterday! I am off to do a few more Olympic Anniversary-related things this morning, before settling in to watch the special (and see myself on national tv-how weird!) this evening. It's on at 7 p.m. in BC, so if you are anywhere else in Canada, check your local listings!

Meanwhile, if you'd like to share in the fun, I am having a GIVEAWAY!! I have lovely Olympic goodies to share with 4 lucky winners.

Here's the scoop:
Comment on THIS post the following:
1. How many Olympics has Canada hosted? (Bonus points if you can name the cities who hosted!)
2. Tell me where you are from!
3. If you retweet on Twitter, repost a link on your blog or Facebook you will get an extra entry. (Show me where you've linked!)
4. Make sure there's a way for me to contact you if you win!

1st prize is Olympic mascot MukMuk wearing the coveted red mitts that just about every Canadian owns. This particular little guy came from the breakfast I went to yesterday with John Furlong, so he comes with his own little story of the Games!
2nd Prize is Miga, another Olympic mascot. She's wearing a green 2010 scarf. She came home with me from the official Olympic warehouse, which is a very cool place!

3rd Prize is a set of Olympic pins. Miga carries the Canadian flag, Quatchi is carrying the Olympic flag and Sumi (the Paralympic mascot) is carrying the Paralympic flag. These are a great collectors item and I have a set just like it for myself!
4th Prize is a Quatchi change purse. (The zipper is along the bottom edge.) My friend Sharon can actually fit her camera in hers. It would also fit a cell phone...or any other little treasures you want to keep in it.

All the prizes are authentic licenced official Olympic mechandise-no knock-offs here! The contest will close on Wednesday, Feb. 16th at midnight PST and I will announce the winners the next day.

Back soon with pics from yesterday's festivities!


Melanie said...

Hi Lelainia,
Really enjoying all your Olympic info!! Look forward to watching tonight. Canda has hosted 3 Olympics (Calgary, Vancouver & Montreal).
I currenly live in Portage La Prairie & will send you my address if I happen to win a prize.
Take care & enjoy your "Olympic Day"

Ariane Kitspace said...

Canada's THREE Olympics were: Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver.

I live in Vancouver however never got my hands on the Mukmuk wearing gloves :-(

Maybe I'll get lucky; fingers crossed! Great side show of your day enjoying the 1 year festivities btw.

Jonnie (JB) said...

Canada has hosted 3 Olympic Games in Vancouver(2010), Calgary(1988) and Montreal(1976). I live in Edmonton, AB.


Blogmaster said...

Canada has hosted three Olympic Games. Montreal in 1976, Calgary in 1988 and Vancouver 2010.

Great to hear about the 1 year anniversary celebrations in Vancouver - we don't hear about it on the news or TV here in Britain, reminds me of my two great weeks out there for the games last February. Now looking forward to welcoming the world to London in 2012!

Tom in London


Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

Hey Tom, thanks for popping by!

I can tell you that as a Blue Jacket, I am really excited for the people of your country to have an equally wonderful experience with the 2012 Games.

I wish I could be there-I'd volunteer in a heartbeat if I had the capital to attend. Someone actually came up to me one night while I was busy helping people and asked me to consider applying for 2012. If only...

I will be watching from afar and celebrating right along with everyone in the UK. It's going to be wonderful!

Unknown said...

Three Canadian Olympic Games (so far): Vancouver in 2010, Calgary in 1988 and Montreal in 1976. I live in Vancouver, and also was at the anniversary ceremony on Saturday afternoon. John Furlong MAY have great connections, but I believe the VANOC CEO earned any rewards he now gets.

greta ann said...

i want to win a MukMuk or Miga! so cute! ok, so the Olympics have been in Canada 3x: Montreal, Calgary (i remember this one!) and Vancouver, which i also still recall not only because it was just last year but b'c i love sneaux games.

good luck everyone!

Melanie said...

Received the Quatchi coin purse in the mail today. Thanks for sending it!