Thursday, February 10, 2011

Flash Mob, Blue Jacket Style!

Today was the Blue Jacket Flash Mob, to promote VANOC President John Furlong's new book Patriot Hearts* which is about the 2010 Olympic Games. There were 50 of us riding the sky trains this afternoon, much to the surprise of local commuters. Imagine their surprise when suddenly the doors opened and the cars were awash with a sea of blue! It was fun watching their reactions.

Here's a slide show of some of the photos I took. You can mouse over the images to view the captions.

When we got to Main Street Station, John Furlong himself was there to meet us and sign our copies of his book. He then joined us on the train, which was bearing his name and we rode to Waterfront. En route, as has become an Olympic tradition, we broke out into the singing of our national anthem. (Thought it was slightly off key, it was completely heartfelt.) John even joined in.

Once we reached Waterfront Station, he signed the remaining copies of his book and we were done. I popped upstairs to get a Starbuck's and then hopped back on the train and headed home.

I am so pleased to have a free, personally signed copy of the book  When I got home, they showed footage of our hijinks on the evening news and I saw myself on TV! It was great fun and I have some more wonderful memories to show for it. Thanks Ali for the invite and thank you Mr. Furlong for the book! (And for getting my name right!)

*If you are thinking about getting a copy, please do. The proceeds go to support the Own the Podium Program, which helps Canadian athletes succeed. If you'd like a signed copy of your own, John is having a book signing at Chapters at Broadway & Granville on Saturday, February 12th at 3 p.m.

(All images & video are Copyright Lelainia Lloyd/Tattered Edge 2011. Please keep your karma good by respecting this. Thanks!)

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