Thursday, February 17, 2011

Olympic Giveaway Winners!

Why are the mascots celebrating? Because EVERYONE who entered the giveaway is a WINNER!!

Yes, all 6 of you: Melanie, Ariane, Edmontonjb, Blogmaster, Tedtopping and G please email me (tatterededge {at} shaw {dot} ca) your snail mail addys so I can send you your swag! 

 In the interests of not ruining the surprise you won't know which goodie you won till it arrives!

Thanks for playing everyone!


And if you haven't seen my CTV 1 year Olympic Anniversary segment, here it is:

I am hoping those of you who are outside of Canada can see it. I'm not sure if you can due to copyright laws, so let me know!

1 comment:

greta ann said...

woohoo!!! so glad you were able to make this happen! *YOU* are an inspiration to me!
thanks for sharing this.