Sunday, March 20, 2011

40 Things Before I'm 40: Final Draft

1. Make some new art friends

2. Get a tattoo

3.Go to the Olympics

4.Meet some athletes

5.See Barenaked Ladies perform

6.Write & publish another zine

7. Keep my ROD journal till it's filled up

8. Brush up on my Spanish

9. Work on a large canvass

10.Learn a new art skill

11. Go swimming in the ocean

12.Go on a picnic with my sweetie

13.See the Olympic Flame

14.Watch the Olympic Torch Relay

15.Cut my hair short again

16. Host an art project

17. Take a day trip somewhere local but fun

18.Carry the Paralympic Torch

19.Ride the Zip line

20. Purchase and teach myself to play a harmonica

21.Make a journal out of my Olympic ephemera and journal in it

22.Submit something for publication

23. Host a swap

24. Try a new recipe

25. Create a calendar from my own art for 2011.

26. Print photos that I have taken from the Games so I can use them in my journal.

27. Do one project that's outside my comfort zone this year

28. Host an art party (Didn't host one, but I went to one-that's good enough!)

29. Spend a weekend playing with paint

30.Take an online class

31.Make and send away some RAKs

32.Discover some new magazines/zines and buy/read them regularly

33.Take my laptop and/or journal to a funky coffee shop and write

34. Sew myself some cool pillows (I have the fabric!)

35.Clean out the closet in my studio and reorganize it.

36. Plan a trip for our 20th wedding anniversary.

37.Write and give a great speech.

38.Help someone

39. Treat myself something "just because".

40. Buy frames for all the prints I have and get them up on the walls!

So I'm just two days away from celebrating my 40th birthday and this is where my list stands. I manage to mow through all but 6 things. I think 34/40 is pretty good, considering my health has been so challenging! Of the things I have left, I still want to sew pillows and frame all the artwork I have so I can get it up on the walls. Other than that, the rest isn't terribly important.

Given the state of me, getting as much as I did done is pretty impressive. There's a fair bit of stuff I did that didn't even make it on the list, so I can honestly say that my 39th year was an exceptionally productive one. I learned alot of new things, (which always makes me happy) had some amazing adventures, made some new friends, and took a class that opened up a whole different medium for me in a most unexpected way.

Now I guess the question is what to do with the next year. I'm giving it some thought and have started putting things into motion. I am also just trying to recover from my last round of treatment which has knocked me flat. Popcorn and a movie date with my sweetie helped some. We went to see The Adjustment Bureau, which we both LOVED.

It's a different kind of action movie and what I loved about it is that it aligned fairly closely with how I understand the world works. That's all I'm going to say because I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but I do recommend you go see it. It's a wonderful movie and full of beautiful architecture, as it's shot in New York City.


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

You did awesome! Was this all for just a year? I'm impressed...and feel the need to make a list of my own...!!

michelle allen said...

you did an amazing job on your list!!! i'm so impressed and inspired by you. almost happy 40th!!! xoxo-m

Anonymous said...

Impressive to get that much done...I hope you have a fantastic young at 40:)

greta ann said...

yay! love these lists and very impressed that you accomplished and most everything you had set out to! now i better get crackin' on mine -er...if i can remember where i put it!