Thursday, April 28, 2011

Box O' Goodies

Remember this matchbox I showed you a couple weeks ago? Well my partner Nicole received it the other day! Happily, she is thrilled with the goodies I sent. If you want to see what was inside, she's posted about it on her blog. I'm glad she did-I forgot to take photos of the goodies before I wrapped it and mailed it off.

 The box for my other partner was covered in anaglypta that I added a layer of colour to, using an ink pad. I tied a gauzy gold bee print ribbon around it and added a ceramic bumble bee button to it. (Marlene is into bees.)

This is an extra swap that I made for the swap hostess, Heather. It's going postal on Friday. The paper I used to cover the box is from a security envelope. I've got quite a collection of them and I like finding new ways of using them. It was alot of fun stuffing the boxes full. I can't wait for my returns to show up! It's going to be fun to see what treasures are inside them.

I haven't been in the studio much the past two weeks. I've been very ill with a sinus infection and so I haven't felt up to being creative. I've finally got medication and orders for an x-ray which I will go do later today, so hopefully I'll start feeling better soon. Meanwhile, Indy and I are couch surfing and watching interior design shows, in between naps. And so it goes...

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Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

These are great...I love the use of the security envelope! It's perfect!