Friday, May 27, 2011

Catching Up!

My last Petite Swap box arrived! Isn't this cool? It's was originally part of a box for a Parker Brothers Game of Palmistry. I've never see that before. Marlene knew I was into hand themed things so she hunted down some very cool goodies for me.

 See?! Things with the letter L, washi tape, hands, lots of red bits, silk ribbons and buddhas. Yummy!! Thanks Marlene! That was great fun!

 Meanwhile, I am still sick and struggling to find the energy to get back to work in the studio. Over the weekend, I had a bunch of the self portraits I've created printed. I had them done in 2 x 3 size, which was essentially a 4 x 6 with two prints of the same image on a single print. I just had to cut them apart. It was very inexpensive-66 photos for $7 and that included the tax.

I love this size-it's perfect for sewing into a ROD or doing a collage to frame. I've got 2 sets to work with, but I am torn about what I want to do with them. I'd like to make a book, but I kind of want to wait till the end of the year and have ALL the self portraits printed so I can have a year's worth in the book. Doesn't that sound cool? I mean how often do you get to have an entire year's worth of photos of yourself, taken of you BY you?! And artsy ones at that?

The other idea I am mulling over is also to have a giant frame with a black mat and to mount the images in grids. That would be so amazing on the wall. I don't think I would use all the photos, but pick the best of the bunch and mount those. Ikea has some pretty big frames that would work.

This is the stack I have to work with so far-it's 33 photos. I didn't print all of them-there were a few I missed accidentally, so I'll add them to the order for next time. Next time will be after July, when I've finished taking Light Hunters. I am sure I will have another tidy little stack by then. Who knew I would be so smitten with photography? Certainly not I!

I've also been writing like a mad woman for the new  MS website and blog, which I told you about on Wednesday. I've been working on posts for my assignment there so I can stay ahead of the game. It's been good getting into the groove of serious wordsmithing again. Don't worry though-I won't be abandoning my blog. Would I do that to you? No way! This blog has been chugging along since August of 2004 and this post is number 1,270! That's alot of posts in almost 7 years! It's crazy to think that I started blogging in the dark ages, before most people were blogging, never mind artists!

Yes, I still have plenty to share, so I'm not going anywhere. Back with more soon!

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Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I wish I could see and hold that little stack of your portraits! I love the one of you holding a heart...I wouldn't have considered that a "self-portrait"...but it is! And it's beautiful... I think your idea of binding them ALL into a book is so awesome would that be??!