Wednesday, May 25, 2011

World MS Day 2011

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(Created in honour of World MS Day.)

Today, May 25th, 2011 is
World MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Day.  

I have some news I wanted to share with you. Today the Canadian MS Society is launching a new website targeting the needs of young people from the ages of 15-25 who have been diagnosed themselves or have had a loved one diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. will include blogs, an online discussion forum and inspirational stories shared by a number of writers from across Canada who know what it's like to live with this disease. I am very pleased to share that I will be writing for the website on behalf of British Columbia. I'm honoured to have the opportunity to be involved in this important initiative.

The site is now up and running and content will continue to be added in the coming days. I've submitted my bio and my first blog post so those should be available shortly. If you're an adult who knows a young person affected by MS, I'd appreciate it if you'd help spread the word.


Sherry said...

The website is wonderful and what an honour for you to be the writer on behalf of B.C. You will bring knowledge, understanding, compassion, integrity and joy to this site.

Seth said...

Thanks for the information about the site and about World MS Day. It is great that you are spreading the word.