Saturday, May 21, 2011

Still Wading In

Los Zapatos

 I'm loving my new Rebel! It's an endless source of amusement and inspiration. I am continuing to shoot self portraits. I had some of the images I created over the least 5 months printed as 4 x 6's but I think I am going to have them reprinted as 2 x 3's and make either a book and/or frame them.

 Hand of the Buddha

It's kind of cool that by the end of the year I will have documented my 40th year in this way. I've never, ever had an entire year of photos of me, much less photos that really reflect who I am. It's kind of exciting!

I'm also excited about Vivienne's new class, Light Hunters which I signed up to take in July. It's the perfect opportunity to get to know my camera better before I take You Are Your Own Muse in the fall.

And of course, no photo post would be complete without one of my beloved Indy. This is what he does to tease me when we're playing ball-he hoards them. I'll walk up to try and get one and he'll put his head down to keep me from getting the one between his paws. Or he'll jump up with both of them in his mouth. If I ask him to, he'll drop them, so I can throw them.

The blue ones are his favourite-they are designed with holes in them so they make a whistling sound when you throw them and they bounce like crazy. Indy often just lies there chewing them like gum and no matter how hard he chews, they never get damaged. These are THE most durable balls for a Lab.

It's the May long weekend here in Canada. (Queen Victoria's Birthday on May 24th.) I'd hoped the weather would be better, but it's 6 a.m. and we're socked in with rain. (Oh joy!) I am hoping it clears up because we have plans that involve being outdoors. (And taking more photos!) If not, I guess we'll spend tomorrow at the movie theatre. Pirates anyone? This afternoon I'm off to have a CT scan. (Can't get enough of those self portraits!)

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