Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Magic Mailbox: Petite Box Swap

Goodies have been arriving in the magic mailbox again-the returns from the Petite Box Swap. This one was From my partner Nicole. (I realize I photographed it upside down, after the fact. Whoops!) Anyway, it was crammed full of fun goodies.
Nicole sent wonderful ephemera, washi tape, fibres and buttons for me to play with. I think some of it will become a part of my latest ROD journal. I loved everything she sent.
Remember this box I made for swap hostess Heather? Well somehow the envelope I sent it in arrived at her home EMPTY. ARGH!! Yes indeed, somehow the contents were "lost" in transit. What I think happened is that someone got sticky fingers. I was so annoyed, but I didn't want Heather to be empty handed, so I made another box for her.
This is box #2 for Heather. I made the paper from cuttings taken from art magazines and stitching them together on my sewing machine. I added some hand dyed silk ribbon and a vintage flower button. I love the way it worked out and I am pleased with a new way of recycling and repurposing my old magazines. The magazines aren't cheap, so finding new ways of using them makes me feel like I am getting my money's worth. I also make envelopes out of them.

This is a the back of the box. It was worth the do-over I think.

While I was working on box #2, Heather's box for me showed up. Isn't this adorable? I actually saw these type of mushrooms in the wild last October while I was on my 20th Anniversary trip. The tops were as large as my husband's hand. They were very fairytale.
Look at all the yummy red and aqua goodies inside! MMM! So inspiring! I am thinking I might want to make an ROD just working with this colour pallet. That could be fun.

There's one more box in transit that I'm waiting for. This was alot of fun and I will definitely do it again. If you want to see more boxes, there's a Flickr group with tons of photos.


Sherry said...

Wonderful mail!!!! And that just makes you so angry when things go "missing" through the postal service. Generally I think we're very lucky but there is always one in the bunch!!

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Those are incredible! SO sorry about the "lost" mail...that is so lame.

I may like to play next time...will you let me know when the next exchange is? Pretty please? :)

michelle allen said...

those are beautiful! i like how different they all are! so fun.