Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Photos & Light Hunters

 I have some more photos to share with you, taken on Mother's Day when I was at Granville Island with my son for a photo shoot.

One of the things I love about the market is that there are so many interesting things to photograph. There are all kinds of foods in intriguing colours and shapes. Take for example, these beauties. Up until I took this photo, I'd never seen them before. I guessed they were a fruit, but I had to do a little poking around on the internet to find out their name. They are called "mangosteens". There's some info about them and a photo of what the edible fruit inside looks like here. Of course now I am curious to know what they taste like, so next time I am at the market, I will buy one and give it a whirl.

I liked the little asterisk shape on the bottoms of the fruits, which you can see in the center right and the pretty aubergine colour.

 I like quirky signs. This one was on a rusted corrugated metal wall. The colour of the wall was interesting.

Behind the Kids Only Market, there is a small duck pond where lots of fuzzy goslings were paddling around. I spotted this feather snagged in the tall grass and liked how natural the colours were, so I snapped a quick pic.

The new camera is taking such crisp images. It's a real treat. Speaking of treats, Vivienne McMaster has a brand new class she's going to be running for the entire month of July called Light Hunters. It's about capturing the light in your photos. If you'd like to know more about it, click here.

I highly recommend her classes-if you want to know why, you can read my Muse interview here. You can also read what others have to say about them here. Go on-get inspired!

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