Tuesday, May 10, 2011

iLike: Beard Papa's

 So this is a box o'love. Seriously. I discovered Beard Papa's on the lower half of Robson Street while I was at the Olympics. Being on foot in a neighbourhood that's somewhat unfamiliar has its perks and this was one of them.

For the uninitiated, Beard Papa's is an little hole-in-the-wall Asian bakery that makes cream puffs, eclairs and cheesecake. The cream puffs and eclairs are filled with a wonderful custard instead of whip cream. They bake them fresh every day and the custard filling for the cream puffs comes in different flavours. (The original vanilla is my fav.) When you order, they fill the cream puffs right in front of you, so everything is as tasty as it comes.

 Doesn't this look yummy?

What I love about them is they are not very sweet, which is the beauty of Asian baked goods for me. (I'm not a sweet tooth.) The thing is, it's almost impossible to eat just one-they are that good!

I actually snuck these through security during the Olympics because I was burnt out on the snacks we were given every day. (Oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip cookies got old real fast!) My guys and I were nibbling on cream puffs at the Paralympic Opening Ceremonies too. I think the people sitting around us were wondering where we got them because clearly we had the better treats!

Anyway, these are one of my all time favourite things and we had them for dessert on Sunday night. It's a good thing the bakery is downtown or I'd be eating them more often...though I just discovered there's a location closer to home. Maybe I need to check it out...


greta ann said...

OHM!!! glad you found something this delicious to indulge in!

michelle allen said...

uh YUMMMMMMM! so jealous right now!