Saturday, May 07, 2011


The birthday love continues, right into May! *grins* This week, this sweet little package from my friend G arrived in the magic mailbox. G and I met in our Wading In class and she's wonderful. We have alot in common and she has a great spirit.

Inside was this lovely bracelet she made for me. There are delicate little birds and pretty blue tinted stones and charms that say imagine, dream and believe. It was such a wonderful surprise and I'm going to love wearing it! Thank you G for this beautiful piece of work. I will treasure it!

She also sent me some art making goodies-ephemera and an aqua ink pad and a blank book to alter. Fun! I am *so* spoiled.

In other news, I finished the camera strap cover I wanted to make. It was super quick to sew and fairly easy to slide on. The fabric is a combination of regular cotton and a flannel, so it will be nice and comfortable to wear around my neck. This is one of my all time favourite fabrics-I love the colours so much. I think it's a vast improvement!

When I told my husband what I was sewing (he asked) for once he didn't look at me like I'm wacked. He seemed to think it made perfect sense to want to cover up the giant Canon logo and make it as comfortable as possible. I guess there's a first for everything! Don't get me wrong-he's hugely supportive and proud of what I do, but I know he thinks some of my ideas are a bit off the wall. As he often says, "Sweetie, life with you is never boring." He's a keeper!

The weather is scheduled to be dismal tomorrow and I am pretty bummed about it. We're supposed to have more rain. In April, we had TWO days that were rain free. UGH! It's the one thing that drives me nuts about the west coast. I don't mind intermittent showers, but having weeks on end of non-stop rain is a drag. I guess it's the price you pay for living in paradise.

I'd hoped to be able to go on a shoot with my son and take the new camera for a spin tomorrow, but if it's going to be wet all day, we'll have to rethink that plan. Guess we'll have to wait and see what we wake up to tomorrow. Forecasters have been known to make mistakes. Here's hopin'!


Sherry said...

Beautiful bracelet...something hand made from the heart is always extra treasured!

Sorry about the rain -- it's been like that here in Ontario as well...and today is no exception "(

greta ann said...

oh yay! so glad you like it! wonder why it took light years to get there?!

ahh! the camera strap is FABULOUS!
hope you got some better weather to go out and shoot!