Thursday, May 05, 2011


All images copyright of Lelainia Lloyd/Tattered Edge 2011 

Okay, let me just say that I am IN LOVE with my new camera! I am having so much fun fiddling with it to see what it can do. It's a very sexy piece of equipment and now I am wondering why I didn't upgrade sooner! I thought I would post a few pics I took yesterday.

I took this first one in a mirror and then flipped the image, so it's not backwards. I am especially pleased with the balance of focus and blur in this one. I love that effect!

 This one I took by setting the timer and asking the camera to shoot multiple images. It was like being in one of those photo booths where you get 4 quick shots. I just goofed around and then kept what I liked. I love the simplicity of my hands in this one, sans my wedding rings. The light makes this photo, I think.

 This one is all about the eyes. It's interesting the intensity green eyes have when you convert to black & white. I like taking unusual snippets of an image and working with them. Sometimes the most interesting part of a photo is not what you shot, but how you crop it.

 I played around a bit, shooting things in my studio. This is a rather large doll head I bought from the woman who lives across the street at her garage sale a couple summers ago. I love how she's cracked and chipped. (The doll, not the woman.)

 Just for fun, I shot this bulb of garlic that my husband hung up to dry outside our back door, some time ago. He forgot all about it because when I showed him this pic, he asked me where that was. *laughs* He passes it every time he comes in or out of the house. Guess he doesn't see it, which would explain why it's been hanging there for about a year and a half.

I shot this because I like the way the roots look and the colour is interesting. Clearly, the macro works just fine!

And last, but not least, here's my Indy. He always acts as if I am stealing his soul when I take photos of him. (Can ya tell by the look on his face?) He can be a hard dog to photograph, since he's both black and amazingly shiny, but the new camera does a fine job! That's pretty much my litmus test for a camera-whether or not I can get decent photos of my sweet boy.

The learning curve so far hasn't been that difficult. I'm digesting the instruction manual little by little. I tested out a new technique yesterday. In the manual it explains that if, for example, you are at the zoo, taking photos of animals behind bars, you can actually make the bars disappear. I decided to test it by shooting photos through my blinds and it works! It's pretty magical, really and I am so pleased that I now know how to do it.

I can't tell you how much fun I am having learning what I can do with a camera. I've never thought of myself as a photographer, but I am beginning to see that the skills I use in other areas of my artistic life translate into my photos. I'm finding it deeply satisfying to explore this medium. The beauty of it is that it's so accessible. I'm looking forward to the weekend shoot with my son.


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Oh L...these photos are so FABULOUS! I like the idea of the photo booth...I will try that when I have some time next week. And the shot of Indy is dogs ARE hard to photograph. I laughed so hard when you said he acts like you are stealing his soul...Reggie, too! He skulks away...every time. That's hilarious...!

Sherry said...

Your experimenting is clearly working - you are mastering your new equipment and finding the joy in doing so. These are great shots!

michelle allen said...

YAY on your new camera!!!! great pictures :). it's amazing how far digital cameras have come isn't it. and good for you for ACTUALLY reading the manual. you are a better woman than i! lol.

pilarisa321 said...

First, I am completely in love with your new banner and blog design. Second, your self portraiture and photography continues to impress me. You are able to dig so deep within yourself with this medium. The picture of Indy is just precious. He is such a beautiful pup. xoxoxoxo

Kathy said...

Hi there~
I found you via Sherry, but now that I am here, I have seen you in the art circles as well....nice to meet you.
This photo of your Indy, OMG...touched my heart. I have a black Lab as well, my second and I see this same look everyday! Thank God!!!!! lol. Their soulful eyes, are just the best. I love all of my puppies, but there is something about this breed that it just so very special. I share this love with you!