Friday, June 17, 2011

In Memory Of Betty Fox

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Sadly, this morning, Betty Fox, mother of Canadian hero, Terry Fox passed away.

After the 2010 Games were over, I got a dvd in the mail from Vanoc that was specially made for the Blue Jackets as a thank you. It contained in part, behind the scenes footage of the Games. One clip showed Betty and Rolly presenting the Terry Fox Award to two deserving Olympic athletes, one of whom was Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette who suffered the crushing loss of her mother at the beginning of the Games.

Just before the presentation, Betty met Joannie. The clip shows Betty enveloping Joannie in a motherly hug and offering words of comfort. I think that in essence was who Betty was-warm, genuine and caring which is why so many people in Canada and the world over love and respect her so deeply. Her passing today feels like losing an irreplaceable part of our Canadian family and it weighs very heavy in our hearts.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Fox family at this sad time.
Godspeed Mrs. Fox, you will always be deeply missed.


Sherry said...

A beautiful tribute for a woman whose legacy will live on as will her son's.

You've described Mrs. Fox perfectly -- a mother. She was the mother behind Terry and she continued mothering to those around her. It's what made her heart so huge.

greta ann said...

they were both heroes. a loss for Canada, the world and cancer survivors everywhere! yet their examples of inspiration and determination will live on! thank you!!! rest in peace...

Bettyann said...

Sleep well Mrs. Fox, you are going to be missed.