Saturday, July 16, 2011

Il Pleut-Encore!*

The weather has been dismal this week, making light hunting difficult. I am not crazy about taking my brand new Rebel out in the rain and risking getting it wet. I did however manage to find a dry spot on my back porch where I could stand out of the torrential downpour we had Thursday and take this shot.

My husband won't need to hand water our garden any time soon-we had so much rain Thursday there was a a bit of a river running down our street and our gutters were quickly overwhelmed. It was like Niagra Falls over my front door. Good thing we are back door people!

That said, I do like the reflective quality of the light you get when surfaces are wet. I shot this in colour but converted to black and white in order to show that aspect of the image to its best advantage.

Wild Mushrooms found on the path to the lake where we take Indy to swim sometimes.  I like how the light is dappled. There are always so many beautiful things to discover in the forests.

We have a family celebration planned this weekend, so I'm taking my camera along. We're going to be out in a park, so I am sure I can steal away and shoot a few frames while we're there. I haven't been to this particular park in years, so it will be fun exploring it all over again. I'm hoping it doesn't rain. Cloudy is fine, just not rain!!

*It's raining-again!

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