Saturday, July 16, 2011

iLike: Shoes & Books

I did something this morning I usually only do every 10 years or so: I went shoe shopping! Actually, I looked up retailers of my favourite shoes and then phoned around till I found a single store that had a pair in stock. I could have ordered them online, but I wanted them NOW.

I already own a pair that are similar, (see above) but they are clogs. It was way past time for a new pair, so I went with the Mary Jane style instead. I wanted a red pair, but no one had any. I have to say I do like the leaf green and bark brown colour combo-it's very West Coast. They will be restocking in the fall, so I've decided to call ahead and reserve a pair in red then. This brand is rather spendy, but in their defense, they are comfortable, stylish and last forever. I adore the swirl stitching on the toes. New shoes are very happy-making.

The latter half of my week was...well let's just say challenging, medically speaking. (I am classically understating things.) I decided that I needed to treat myself to a book I'd borrowed from the library and fallen in love with-Expressive Photography by the Shutter Sisters. I already own a copy of Liz Lamoreaux's Inner Excavations, which is so thoughtful about the process of using your art and photography to tell your story and this book seems like a perfect compliment to it. 

Expressive Photography is full of utterly inspiring images and instruction about some of the more technical aspects of, as they put it "shooting from the heart". The best part is that the information is presented in an entirely accessible way-you can be a rank beginner (like me!) and understand how to use what they are sharing to your best advantage.

I can't tell you how exciting it is for me to have this new medium to explore. I feel that between Vivienne's classes that I've taken so far (Wading In and Light Hunters) and these amazing books, I am learning something new every day. For me, it's all about the learning. It's the part that keeps me engaged. I want to learn what's next and what comes after that and then what.

 At heart, I am an adventurer, a risk taker and deep down I serve the insatiable hunger to connect authentically with others and to tell my story.
I think that's what good photography (and art and writing) is; it's finding a way to connect to the best parts of yourself and to put that uniquely beautiful part of your soul out into the world. Our gifts are meaningless unless we have the courage to share them.

In reading back this post, I am sitting here chuckling at myself-how I went from tales of new shoes to introspection is beyond me. I don't think the words-they just tumble out. Anyway, that's what I was moved to share with you today. What's next is anyone's guess.

EDIT: I am getting a flood of email asking for the info for my shoes. Here's the scoop: They are made by El Naturalista. The style I bought today is Iggdrasil NO95. The clogs are also Iggdrasil, but have a different number- I don't know offhand what it is, but it's on their site. If you're outside Canada, this is the link for you. By the way, you may want to check out their code of conduct-I don't know about you, but this kind of stuff matters to me!


Ruth said...

Those shoes are incredibly cute! Can you tell us what brand they are?

Gayle said...

DARLING shoes! Can you share the brand and style? I think I might like a pair of these for myself!