Sunday, July 31, 2011

Light Hunters: My Thoughts

All good things must come to an end! Light Hunters officially ends today. It's been 31 days of enlightenment on my part. Before this class, I'd never really considered the impact the light can have on my photos. I just knew that there were times when the light was perhaps not conducive to taking good photos, but other than that, I'd never given it much thought.

Through the course of this class, I came to realize that light doesn't just have to be an element of a photography, it can also be the focal point. By that I mean it can become the main character in the scene you are trying to create, if you understand how it works and how to use it to its best advantage. I've discovered that I like to shoot light and shadow the best. I like the clean lines it helps create. (I'm all about the aesthetics.)

I've come to think of Light Hunters as a diamond. It's a class that allows you to hold up what you know and be dazzled by how multifaceted it becomes when you catch it in the right light. It's added another important layer to what I am discovering about photography.

I have to say I've been absolutely blown away by the work of my fellow students.  I want to share with you this amazing image. This is gorgeous on so many levels. There are so many great elements that serve as focal points to this-the perspective, the colour of the buildings, the texture of the ground juxtaposed with the softness of the flower petals, the contrast between the focus and the blur, the angles and the light...she manage to capture EVERYTHING in a single shot.

It's impossible to be in a class of such richly talented artists and not become hugely inspired. As in Wading In, everyone in Light Hunters enthusiastically gave and received encouraging and supportive feedback, which only made the class that much more satisfying and productive.

Vivienne is a wonderful instructor and I've learned so much from her gentle guidance. THANK YOU Viv. There are no words that suffice to express how much you've informed and transformed my artistic life. I am deeply grateful.

When I look at the mosaic of about half of the photos I've taken in Light Hunters, (I could only make it so big!) I am amazed. In total I created 47 finished images in 31 days, so that's slightly better than one a day. It's deeply satisfying to know that I have a body of work for 2011 that's been shot over the span of three out of four seasons so far. I'm excited now to continue my journey {hopefully!} with another class in the fall. I want so desperately to be engaged in shooting regularly for a class in my most beloved season of the year, Autumn. Everything I've learned this year has made me ravenously hungry for more.


Vivienne said...

big love right back at you!

i love that you've discovered that noticing light and shadow is the light you like to shoot best....i see that in your work!

Geri said...

Wow, that is an amazing image you shared! Thanks for linking into artsee bloggers - can't wait to look around a bit more!

deb did it said...

well said...~~wildly applauding~~ it was an amazing adventure, and I am hungry for more! I am Swan Diving...are you?