Friday, August 19, 2011

A Gift For You!

 I've had so much fun creating images for Wading In and Light Hunters and I thought it would be fun to share some of them with my loyal readers (that's YOU!) by creating some Desktop Wallpapers from them. I know we're a little over half way through August, but the bandannas were just begging to be used.

My husband has a ton of these and he wears them under his hardhat during the summer months, draped over his head so his neck doesn't burn. (Think Foreign Legion hat style.) I snapped this shot one day when he'd washed a bunch of them and hung them out on the line to dry. They looked so pretty flapping in the breeze-kind of like little prayer flags. I think there's just something so oddly charming about laundry on the line in the summer time.

Being Canadian, I have a soft spot for our national symbol, the maple leaf. When I saw this one lying on the forest floor, I couldn't resist. I love the texture and contrast that were captured in this image. There's a beauty in simplicity.

To add these to your desktop, click on the image to get the full size, then right click and choose "set as background" et voila!

I've signed up for Vivienne's next installment of photographic goodness, Swan Dive, which begins on September 6th. I am really excited about shooting in Autumn. I've waited all year for this, my favourite season. It's only a few weeks away and I can't wait till it feels like the season has "flipped the switch" and the weather changes.

I love the wind stirring the trees, the leaves fluttering down and crunching underfoot, the clean, crisp air, the harvest. It's cozy sweaters and jeans and hiking boots. It's celebrating birthdays, Thanksgiving, our wedding anniversary and Hallowe'en. I hold my breath during the summer. (I loathe it, truth be told. Yeah, I know I'm probably going to catch some flack for admitting that, but it's true.) In Autumn, I breathe deep. Everything about Autumn makes me feel joyful and alive.

I am *so* ready. Bring it on!


Sherry said...

These are great desktop wallpapers!! I like the black and white but I love the one with the bandanas...they make me happy!

greta ann said...

thanks L! looking forward to autumn here too! great shots.

Pilar said...

I can't believe I missed this post. Will tweet these amazing free wallpapers. xo