Monday, August 15, 2011

Papergirls, Vancouver

I made a trip to the Roundhouse on Saturday to turn in my submissions for the Papergirl Vancouver project. Essentially how the project works is that artists make prints of their art work to donate. The good folks at Papergirl roll the prints up and deliver them by bicycle to the public on the streets of Vancouver, for FREE. Art to the people! Isn't that cool?!

They are going to have an exhibit of all the artwork on the 23rd before it gets into the public's hands. It should be an amazing show!

Here are the images that I chose to share:

Photo taken at Granville Island.

 Feather In the Wind
Photo taken at Granville Island.

 Forest Floor
Photo taken at Maple Ridge Park.

And lastly, Shelter of Friendship, a mixed media piece.

 This is the first year of what I hope will become an annual event in our city.
 I'm looking forward to seeing what other artists contributed. My friend Penn, who gave me the head's up on this project has posted about her brilliant contribution here.


Christina Carnoy said...

What a great idea!!!

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

VERY cool...what a fun project to be a part of. I love your images...I think I'm especially fond of Feather in the Wind...beautiful.