Thursday, August 11, 2011

What's New

Light Catcher, self-portrait.

It's been quiet times in the studio the last while as I deal with being under the weather again. I came down with something over the BC long weekend and had to page my GP late on the Sunday night to rescue me. A week's worth of antibiotics and I think I am on the mend. I have nothing, if not an impeccable sense of timing.

Meanwhile, here's the latest:


I am working on issue #3 of my zine, Manual Dexterity. I am hoping to have it done for early September, but we'll see. Sometimes life throws you curve balls and this issue got derailed once before. Hopefully it will be clear sailing this time. In the meantime, if you missed issue #2 I have limited copies available in my Etsy Shop. Issue #1 sold out and once issue #2 is gone, it's gone!

I've been writing articles a fair bit. Apparently I have lots to say.

I'm also working on a submission for Papergirls. Penn let me know about this one and I think it's a great idea, so I am hurrying to get something together before the deadline on Monday.


I haven't had much time to read lately-I do most of my reading over the winter, but I am still working my way through Shutter Sisters' Expressive Photography, which I posted about here. There's just so much information that I am combing through it slowly. It's been immensely helpful and inspiring as I develop my own photographic style.

In the jacket of the book, there were some "ads" for some other publications by the same publisher. One was The Photographer's Mind by Michael Freeman which is specifically about developing your own style. I made an inter-library loan request to borrow it and then got an email from my own library that they had decided to purchase it for our branch. They are going to hold it for me so I can have first crack at it when it comes in.

I am 100% convinced the librarians at our branch are stalking my reading list-this is not the first time I have had this happen when I try to borrow an art book. Also,  some time ago, one of them confessed to me that when they see a new book I've requested for purchase, they put a hold on it so they can be next in line to read it. This just cracks me up. Maybe I should start charging a finders fee?


Let's see...Well since traditionally summer has been what I call "TV Wasteland", I tend to watch series I've missed or that friends suggested I see on dvd. So far I've mowed through Weeds (up to the current season which is airing here now), Dead Like Me (which was filmed here in Vancouver) and am currently on season 3 of Six Feet Under. I kind of prefer to watch a series on dvd over watching it when it airs on tv-I can watch it straight through and really enjoy it. Like right now, I am finding the scant 40 minute eps of Weeds on tv annoying. I keep forgetting what happened the week before.

I am also watching Deadliest Catch, Breaking Bad, Auction Hunters, Rookie Blue and Canada Sings. (Canada Sings is really fun. It's like a Glee game show.)


I've mainly been playing the monster collection of tracks by James Taylor that I have on my iTunes. I haven't purchased any new music for awhile. I'm waiting for Zaac Pick to release the new song he's been working on. They played it on the radio last week for the first time, but unfortunately, I missed it because I drove into an underground parking lot and lost reception. ARGH!


I entered a contest for an upcoming event and I'm waiting to find out if I am one of the lucky winners. If so, I will know on Friday. It's for an adventure I'd really, really like to have. *fingers crossed*


Of Autumn. Is it here yet?!? I cannot wait!

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