Sunday, September 18, 2011

For A Rainy Day

 Broken Mirror

It's raining here on the west coast. Not necessarily a bad thing-it means whiling away the hours in the studio. This past week in Swan Dive, we've been working on textures. I like the way they can transform an image.

Picket Fence 

This fence runs down one side of my front drive. I love the yaw in it and the way the weather has aged it. You'd never guess it was in my yard-it looks like it could be at a beach somewhere. I am deeply in love with Bokeh!

Autumn Afternoon

I never get tired of taking photos of my beautiful boy. I actually got him to sit still for a moment so I could shoot this. He still thinks the camera's going to steal his soul, but he did what I asked because he loves me. I love the spirit of Labs-they are such noble dogs.

It's supposed to clear up later this afternoon. I hope so, because I want to get out with my Rebel and shoot! This is the time of year when I want to be outside all the time. The colour and light change from moment to moment and I don't miss a single second.

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Jeanne said...

Your dog is beautiful and has eyes of a deep soul. Love how you textured him. It is lovely. I did look at the link that you sent in my email for swan dive, and for some reason it did not come up. Would you mind sending me that link again . I really want to investigate the class and think I would enjoy and benefit by it. I clicked on your button in the sidebar, but it went to Photobucket. So you live on the western coast of Canada? Totally beautiful! I have a friend who lives in Washington and she and her husband have just come back from a 3 month cruise up the coast of BC, and alaska. Her blog on their trip had gorgeous pictures. Really enjoy your blog and will be stopping by frequently. All the best, Jeanne