Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Something Special


Week two of Swan Dive is in full swing. This is an image I've been working on. I shot the photograph at Crescent Beach. (Click image to see it full sized.) If you've been following along, it's the same seed pod field that Rise Up was from, only this view is looking out to sea. I had a very good time playing around with it and this is how it ended up. I am especially fond of the creases in the sky.

Bokeh Trees

I shot these trees at the beginning of the year. Next to Autumn trees, I love Winter trees best. I love how the branches silhouette against the sky. There's a unique beauty in the starkness. I love the bokeh in this. (Bokeh is the blur or the aesthetic of the blur-the way the lense renders out-of-focus points of light.)

I am definitely looking at my photos in a new way in terms of post processing. I've never been one to mess with them all that much once they've been uploaded from the memory card. The main skill I've been using up until now is cropping, which I think is its own art. It's been fun going through old photos and finding new ways of transforming them into something special.


halo said...

oh, I LOVE Apparition! it's gorgeous-- haunting & ethereal. just lovely. :)

Deb said...

You go, girl! The wrinkled sky adds so much to feel of this photo-art. Makes me think of white sheets/ghosts ... and the colors are perfect. So autumny, country, and etheral all at once.
You are becoming a bang up photogenius!

Pilar said...

Oh, I love the second picture! It is just beautiful! xo