Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Despite the Grey

Whew! Glad to have Xmas done and over with! There's only 4 days left of 2011, so I am working hard to tie up some loose ends in the studio and prepare for the New Year.

 I've been playing a bit of catch up with Getting Through the Grey this week. My energy level has been pretty low and that, coupled with inclimate weather meant that getting out with my camera just wasn't possible. It's been raining and windy (and storming) since last Friday. I decided that today, regardless of what the weather was doing, we were going to bundle up, go out and do something!

I discovered that shiny sidewalks make for interesting photos, though you should have seen me trying to juggle my camera, lense cap and an umbrella all at the same time. My camera strap is my friend! I always make sure I've got it around my neck when I'm shooting. I do not want a broken camera. I managed to keep it safe and dry, thank goodness!

While we were hiking in the woods, along the river, I came across this post. I love numbers, so I had to stop and take a shot. After I got home and uploaded it to my computer, I realized that the numbers were 31 and 27, both of which have significance for me. I love messages from the universe!

I'm working on a year-end photo project, which I will share here on New Year's Day. I am also pondering my word for 2012. I'll be posting about 2011's word, SYNERGY before the end of the week. Like I said, I'm busy plugging away in the studio.

Back soon!

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