Monday, December 19, 2011

We See Things

We See Things

Have I mentioned lately that I am thoroughly enjoying Getting Through the Grey? Yes indeed! In fact it's kind of reignited an idea I once had, so that's percolating in my mind at the moment.

As always, I am continuously inspired by my incredibly talented classmates. Here's just a small sampling. Take a look for yourself:
(I highly recommend that you click on the credits to see the full size images.)

Fabulous, non? It's exciting to go to the class Flickr group every day and see what's been posted. We're all busy preparing for the holidays, but still making a point of finding time to show up for ourselves and one another.
That in itself is a gift and one for which I am most grateful.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics!!! What a great class to be in!!! (And I love the Brownie camera!! Now that's photography as it should be!!!!)