Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Gift

Yesterday afternoon, a parcel arrived from my friend Pip. Inside was a wee box and when I opened it, nestled inside was this beautiful bird ornie. I think it's made from paperclay and she painted it with the palest of egg shell blues. There's a primitive charm as well. At first I thought the symbol on it was an acorn, but after taking a second look, I believe it's a sacred heart, which is so signature Pip. I absolutely adore folk art and this is so special.

I wanted to take a photograph to share it here, so I did...and then it morphed into this image. I just couldn't help myself. *laughs* I love that this became a collaboration between someone I love and respect so much and I.

As an artist, there's nothing I love or appreciate more than a handmade gift. I've hung the bird above my desk in the studio so I will see it every day.
It instantly became one of my most favourite things.

I've said it before and I'll say it again:
I have the best friends in the world!


Amy Huff said...

That's fantastic and the image is gorgeous.

Bettyann said...

delightful and special