Thursday, April 05, 2012

For the Love of Washi Tape

Calling all Washi Tape lovers! I am hosting a Washi tape exchange! Yes, it's something I've been planning for some time, but this is the first chance I've had to set things in motion!

Here are the details. Please read carefully before signing up:

When everyone has signed up, I will be sending each participant 3 pre-cut, laminated sheets. The reason for this is that these sheets allow you to affix your tapes and send them in a way that makes it super simple for those receiving them to remove them without damaging them. (Trust me, I've sent tons of tape to friends through the mail and this is THE way to do it!)

Participants will affix two strips of each of the Washi tapes they are sending, four sets on the front and four on the back of each of the three sheets I am sending. (The sheets measure 3 x 5, so strips are 3 inches long. Just like the example I've posted above.) 

Please use patterned tapes, rather than plain ones-we're looking for variety in colour and pattern here. The three sheets can be identical or they can be different from one another-whichever you prefer, so long as there are 8 different tapes on each sheet.

If you're not sure what exactly qualifies as Washi tape for the purpose of this exchange, Craft Test Dummies has an excellent explanation here. Any of the types of tape they are showing in their post are acceptable. (ie: Tapes made by MT, Smash, Hamby, Tim Holtz or 7 Gypsies.) 

Please do not send plastic packing tapes. That's a whole other thing and not what we're looking for for this exchange. Thanks!

Once you've got your sheets filled, mail them back to me along with $2 (US or CDN funds-doesn't matter) to cover postage and a self-addressed mailing label. When I've received all the submissions, I'll swap them out and send you back 3 sheets of Washi goodness! Easy-peasy!

I will accept sign-ups until Sunday, April 15th. To participate, email me your name and mailing address. Please put "Washi Tape Exchange" in the subject line. When I receive your email, I'll let you know I've added you to the list of participants. I will mail out the laminated sheets to all participants at once, after sign-ups are closed.

Mail your Washi sheets back to me, on or before May 22nd.

Any questions, just holler!

Ready? Set? GO!

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