Friday, May 04, 2012

The Pulse of Mixed Media: Vancouver Edition

Last night was Seth's book signing for the Pulse of Mixed Media!

It was held at the beautiful Marche St. George, which is a little gem tucked away in Vancouver. It's a very old corner store, so it has lots of character.

I love that the front door is painted with chalkboard paint. Charming!

Seth, Patricia, Leslie and I brought art that was in the book to share.

And here we all are! (Me, Patricia Larsen, Seth Apter, Leslie Avon Miller.)

Seth signing my book. He signed alot of books!

Seth gave a talk about some of the survey answers in the book and asked Leslie and I to read the written portions of our contributions.

Smoozing! There was a very good turn out. Thanks to Penelope, Vivienne, Carol, Jennifer & her mum for coming! It was so good to see you all and celebrate the book with you!

I wanted to share with you, one more piece of art that I just finished creating for a project that's tied to the book. In March and April, Seth had an open call for a 5X5 project. He asked three questions and you could choose which ones you wanted to answer. The idea was to present your answer in a creative 5x5 format. 
I decided to do mine in book form.

I made a CD envelope which I designed by first collaging papers and then photocopying them, so I could have a smooth finish.

The books itself it about photography.

The final page reveals the questions I was addressing and my answer:
Who has had the most impact on my creative life? 
It's a no-brainer-it's Vivienne McMaster! 

I decided not to post these photos until after Seth and Vivienne had seen the finished piece. When I showed it to Vivienne last night, I think she was very surprised. I promised I'd make one for her to keep.

The whole event was so much fun. Everyone was in good spirits and it was really nice that so many of my friends showed up to support Seth. (And by extension, me.) It's the first time this particular group of friends have met one another and I was so pleased everyone got on so well. It's fabulous to have a bunch of creatives hit it off. It was also really wonderful to finally meet Seth. I only have the nicest things to say about him. He's genuine, kind and funny and you can't help but adore him.

 Today Seth's off to Washington State for the final stop on his book tour. If you're in the Seattle area, he'll be at Bellevue Art & Frame on Saturday, May 5th, 2012 from noon-2 pm. Contributing artists Donna Watson and Leslie Avon Miller will be participating in an artist discussion, an art demo and book signing. This event is free! Be there, or be square!


Seth said...

Such a pleasure to meet you Lelainia. Thank you so very much for coming to the book signing, sharing your art and reading your words. And thanks for all the "promo" that you have provided. It was a great night!!

Deb said...

I'm so proud of you, my friend. It looks like Seth's book-signing was a great success, and I'm sure all of your friends enjoyed the evening. Wish I could've been there. XO