Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Double O Seven!

In writing this post this morning, I felt like I should share this image I created in Swan Dive because I am most certainly feeling the love. I am in one of those moments in my life where things feel sort of surreal (in the most positive way) and I have to keep reminding myself to take it all in. These times will never be again.  This is how it feels when I get to cross big things off my life list.

I now have the final details of my leg of the Rick Hansen Relay. I'm posting them here, as an open invitation for anyone local who would like to attend. Please do!


Community: Coquitlam

Starting Along: Guildford Way
From: Scott Creek Middle School
To: Falcon Dr ahead sign (100m before Falcon Dr)
On: Guildford Way

Approximate time of my segment: 8:42 AM PDT, Friday, May 18th, 2012

My Medal-Bearer number is: MB269-007 (I'm #007!)

Look for this number on the route marker at the start of my relay segment.

The End of Day Celebration for May 18th is at Burnaby Village Museum at 4:30 pm.


Since the route through the Tri-Cities (Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam & Port Moody) is extensive, it spans two days. On May 17th, (the day before my segment) the Relay arrives in Port Coquitlam and crosses into Coquitlam. The Relay will be making a stop at Leigh Square in Port Coquitlam and then the End of Day Celebration will be at Spirit Square in Coquitlam (right by City Hall) starting around 4 pm.

Right after my leg of the Relay, We're hopping in the car and heading to Thermal Drive because.....RICK HANSEN IS GOING TO WHEEL UP IT for the 3rd time!! For those of you not in the know, this is a very, very steep, winding 1.6 km long hill. Rick has wheeled it twice-once on the original Man in Motion World Tour and then on the 20th anniversary of the tour. Every single time I drive up or down that hill, I think of him and marvel at the power of the human spirit. I feel very, very lucky to be able to finally see this happen with my own eyes. I will be having Kleenex at the ready, for sure.

This is going to be an amazing experience and I hope you will come share it with me! For those of you far away, there WILL be photos, I promise!

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