Thursday, October 25, 2012

Right Now


In the last week, I've read 3 novels by Tami Hoag: Deeper than Death, Secrets to the Grave and Down the Darkest Road, which are a trilogy of sorts. I love murder mysteries. There hasn't been alot of TV lately, so I've been consuming books. 


As I've said, it's been a bit of a tv wasteland lately. Here's my fall lineup:
The Amazing Race, Flying Wild Alaska, Ice Road Truckers, Ice Pilots, Deadliest Catch, Grey's Anatomy (which is driving me nuts-the writers have lost their minds), Survivor and a new show called Chicago Fire, which so far is really good.


Thanks to the 2012 Paralympics closing ceremony, I realized I do in fact really like Coldplay. I'd heard their music on my radio station, but just didn't really pay that much attention. After the Games, I had to go download their albums from iTunes. I'm playing them to death.


Excited about getting my hands on the Nov/Dec issue of Somerset Studio with Seth's 10 page article & my art in it. I am on the hunt for a copy now. Hopefully they will be arriving at my local bookstore today or tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

Also excited to be having company for the November long weekend. Two photog friends are coming into town and staying with me briefly. We have loose plans to just hang out and make some art together. Should be a good time!


I'm doing my annual autumn house purge. Today I've been dusting the zillion and one things in my studio, moving things around, reorganizing and tossing the junk. Can I just say I hate dusting? I do however love working in a clean space, so I suppose that makes it worth it...almost. The photo posted above is a stack of favourite books in my collection. For some reason, seeing them stacked like that makes me feel stupidly happy. (There are a combination of photography books and journalling books & zines.)


Working on a swap with a friend for Hallowe'en. I'm working on finishing it up and hoping to get it into the mail over the weekend. 

I'm also taking another online photography class with Kat Sloma, called Finding Your Eye. I happened to win a spot, lucky me!

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Unknown said...

I didn't know you won your place on Finding Your Eye, Lelainia, but it made me smile to read that -- having seen your contributions to the group and your inspiring images, I'd say it was a lucky day for us all!