Saturday, February 09, 2013

Card Carrying Member

About a month ago, I finally got around to joining the Letter Writers Alliance. I'd been meaning to do it for ages. I like getting something other than bills in the mail. (Don't we all?) I paid my membership dues (a whopping $5 US) and waited patiently for my goodies to arrive in the mail. It didn't take very long! I got a welcome letter, membership card, postcard and a button. 

Not long after I became a card-carrying member, they updated the membership package with a really cool little triangle patch instead of the button, so I ordered one for myself. It came today and I love it. Now I just have to decide what I want to sew it onto.

I took a couple photos of the envelope Donovan sent my order in. She sends THE BEST envelopes! I am carefully saving them to add into my Remains of the Day journals. 

If you're into mail art, you'll want to check out Good Mail Day. It's a fantastic book. I bought it quite some time ago and I like to page it from time to time just to feast on the eyecandy inside. It even has a page with postal themed stickers in the back.

Now I'll have to get busy making some mail art to send so Donovan can match me with a pen pal. You have to send mail to get mail after all! We've got a newly minted long weekend here in BC-Monday is a new stat called "Family Day" so there will be plenty of time for mail art!

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Anonymous said...

I've joined the letters writers alliance too. Thanks for posting about it. I'm waiting for my packet now.