Thursday, February 07, 2013

Good Medicine

Things have been quiet here for a bit because I was off having treatment. By treatment, I mean spending 3 days last week shuttling back and forth to the hospital to have IV steroids, which is about as much fun as it sounds. Somehow, I don't remember steroids being as rough as it's been this time. About an hour or so after the first dose, I get pretty sick with side effects and it was all downhill from there.

I've spent a fair bit of time in bed since then, though on Monday, I had to schlep out to UBC for a specialist's appointment and in a moment of insanity, also agreed to meet with a med student for an interview afterwards, even though I felt like death warmed over. I have NO idea how I managed it, other than sheer force of will. (or insanity...)

For the last 4 days, my throat has been absolutely raw, so I went up to my GP's office to see if I needed to worry about it. Being on immuno suppressants, I have to be very careful about infections. While I was up there, I popped by my post box and there was a package waiting for me in the magic mailbox! I wasn't expecting anything. The parcel was from my friend Amy

This is what it said on the side:

Which I found amusing, given the state I've been in. When I opened it, it was chock full of goodies-like this beautiful three strand bracelet she made me! 

This bracelet is autumn, any time I want to experience it! The yellow pearls remind me of kernels of corn. There's a old brass oak leaf, which reminds me of home and an "L" charm. Oddly enough, I only have one other piece of jewellery with an "L" on it. Years ago, Lisa Call surprised me with an beautiful "L" charm she made especially for me from precious metal clay. It was the first charm with my initial I've ever been given. I put it on a charm bracelet and I treasure it. I LOVE that Amy has given me a second one. It's just so thoughtful and special. 

There were also some great art supplies:

This funky journal, which reminds me of a zine.

An interesting variety of embellishments to play with-birds in cages, trees, clocks, mini red clothes pegs and cards in tiny paper bags. There was also a cool hexagonal box, which I somehow forgot to photograph. Oops! The bracelet was inside of it.

And three packages of washi tape! (8 individual rolls in total.) My washi tape collection must surely be at 100 rolls now-I will have to count later. It's just a wee bit of an obsession. Artistic crack, really. *grins*

The box did not lie-what was inside was pure medicine. Just the kind of medicine my battered soul so desperately needed this week. I am convinced that the cure for anything is art therapy and the love of a good friend. THANK YOU Amy for your perfectly timed gift. It meant everything in this moment.

What goes around, comes around-a parcel for you will be in the mail soon, I promise! 

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Carol Browne said...

I realize this is a week late, but I hope you're feeling better.

Also, you must have the most incredible stash of lovely things. All your bits and bobs...amazing.