Friday, March 29, 2013

When It Rains, It Pours

Yes, I am still breathing! My laptop, however is not. It had the incredibly bad taste to die on my birthday. The only bright spot of the whole thing is that 98% of the important stuff was backed up on an external hard drive. (I got wise after the last time a computer died on me.)

No idea when I might be able to replace it. It's been absolutely crippling in terms of accessibility for me. I don't handwrite anymore, so typing is my main form of communication. Currently, I am muddling through, pecking on my teeny iPod. Not my idea of fun, to be sure.

So, if things are kind of quiet around here, you know why. The fun never ends.


Seth said...

Glad you had a back up and hope that things are up and running again soon. Perhaps you should sit back and enjoy a bit of an offline vacation!

michelle allen said...

sorry to hear about your computer :(
maybe you should put together a little kickstarter/fundraiser to get yourself a new computer!?