Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's Going On

Hello again! Well, the *secret project* has been completed. I know a number of you are dying to know what I've been up to but I can only tell you this: I spent 5 days shooting for a TV show. Everything else is hush-hush for obvious reasons, but I'll let you know it's going to air, when the time comes.

Glad to be home now, as I am in the middle of having treatment again and it's pretty miserable. I've been in bed the last few days just trying to get through it. On a positive note, I mentioned last post that I won tickets to see Shane Koyczan (whom I adore!) at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival so I'm looking forward to that on Sunday. I'll go even if I have to drag myself there. I'm not missing that for anything.

I'm finally getting an MRI on my wrist fracture today. It's been 3 1/2 months since I broke it. I am still wearing the splint to protect it. It's not healing. I have no idea when I'll get to see the surgeon though. Good thing I'm not in any pain!
{cue dripping sarcasm}

I got an email this week that I won a two hour scooter rental for two from the good folks at Cycle BC, so a friend and I are going to embrace our inner scooter girls and have an adventure when I am feeling a bit better. I've always wanted to own a scooter so this will be a good chance to see if I actually like riding one. For years, I've had visions of driving an orange scooter (the colour of orange crush!) with a side car for Indy. (Because as you know, dog is my copilot!) I could totally see him wearing doggles. And yes, some of my ideas are a little "out there" but who cares? I embrace the wacky-it's what makes life interesting.

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Seth said...

TV! That is incredible. Hope it is available in the states. Best with all the medical issues. Hop on that scooter and for those moments, let it all go!