Monday, April 07, 2014

Laying It Down

The 6 week online class Daring Adventures in Paint started today. I spent the morning laying paint down on my first canvas. As I was doing it, I kept reminding myself not to get too invested to anything that was happening because I knew I was building layers and things could change. This was very freeing because if I did something I really didn't like (and yes, that really did happen!) I could simply paint over it. What you see above is where I called it good.

I kinda liked the weird little purple cloud that appeared so I wanted to keep that part and I added some raindrops. Unfortunately, I took this photo at night in my studio, so the colours look washed out, rather than vibrant like they are in real life, but you get the gist. I'll try and remember to get a better photo tomorrow before I continue working on it.  I also added the chevrons, which are actually quite textured. They built up from the surface of the painting. I like that too.

I decided to stop here for today because there is a lesson every day this week and I don't want to get so far ahead that I can't try things as they unfold. Sadly, my day tomorrow is taken up with medical stuff. (I am half temped to fashion a bumper sticker that says "I'd rather be painting." and plaster it across my forehead when I go to the neuro's...truth in advertising people!) 

Tomorrow my goal is to get back to the studio as fast as I can.


Anonymous said...

Lovely! Can't wait to see it evolve.

Dawn E. Shepherd Nguyen said...

I love it too Lelainia! :) the colors are fabulous. Good luck tomorrow. Big hugs,