Thursday, April 03, 2014

Playing With Paint

Last Sunday, my friend Penn hosted a Gelli printing party. There were 10 of us playing with paint and munching snacks and having a really good time.

I bought a whole bunch of new stencils for my birthday, so I got to test drive them. I also shared them around so others could play with them. They are all nice and painty now.

These are a few of my prints. The wonky circle has become my new favourite. 

I've just set up my studio for the 6 week online painting class I am taking with Mati Rose. It begins on Saturday and was my birthday gift to myself. I can't wait! I just need to run out and get 6 canvasses, since we'll be painting one a week. 

I am excited about this class because while I've taken a few layering classes, I've never actually worked on a large canvas before. I have no idea if I'll even be good at this, but I'm excited to find out. Every time I do something outside of my comfort zone, I love the part where I get to uncover things I didn't know about myself-talents I didn't know I had, personal insights or fresh creative ideas that just pop into my head. That for me is the thrill of learning. My goal is to create at least one painting that I would like to hang in my home. I'll let you know how that goes!

In other news, I am preparing to speak at the Canadian Association of Neuroscience Nurses conference in a couple of weeks. I'll be sharing my experience of NMO. I am also working with my Health Mentor students to prepare for the symposium that happens at the end of the month. It's a busy time!

This morning I had a conversation with someone about a very cool opportunity they wanted to offer me. I've accepted and will share more about that soon.

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George Wright said...

I had SO much fun being your Gelli Printing neighbor last weekend, Lelainia! Love your photos - beautiful prints too. - Rose